How should I study for the JEE Advanced 10 days before the exam?

  • How should I study for the JEE Advanced 10 days before the exam?

  • Well you are already clear with the basics as you have cleared the Mains exam and i expect that you have been preparing for the exam already because if you have not been preparing, its gonna be really tough to clear the exam now. Anyhow, i am gonna give you some advice. Maybe it may help you.

    Previous year papers: So now that you have only 10 days left, spend 3 days solving the previous year papers. They are gonna boost your confidence and also, you will know what you are preparing for and where you stand right now. It’s important. You can find online solution to previous year papers. Go through it once.

    Mock tests: So you just have a week left. So it’s best if you can solve some mock test papers. Go for online mock tests. Give it 4 days and solve at least 2 papers everyday. This will give you enough confidence and also, you will have a good enough practice of questions.

    NCERT books: Finally in the last 3 days left, go for you NCERT books. They are great and your basic knowledge gets refreshed. Therefore, you will be able to tackle new questions with a chance to actually solve them.
    That’s all I think can be done in the last 10 days.

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