Which book should I study for the JEE?

  • Which book should I study for the JEE?

  • The JEE exam is going to test you conceptual knowledge. So you need to read a book that gives you clarity of concept and once that’s done, you need to solve books with great questions. So the books you need to study include the ones which give a clarity of concept and the ones which provide a good question bank. So here are the one’s that i recommend.

    Math: The math NCERT book is great for basic knowledge and should be solved first before moving onto any other book. Once that’s done, go for the Arihant Publications and the Cengage publications. Both the books have questions at a good level of difficulty and you need to follow both of them to be able to reach the JEE level of questions. There are online solution for Cengage Publications books. Go for it.
    Chemistry: Honestly, Just the NCERT chemistry book is enough for the Preparation. But for certain topics you need a practice book. So go for any practice book you can find in the market. It’s good if it has questions other than the NCERT.
    Physics: Physics requires conceptual knowledge to be able to solve questions. The questions in JEE exams are not so easy and require some conceptual knowledge to be able to solve. So try Resnick Halliday. It is best if you want a clarity of concepts. For question banks, you need to go for some separate book. Try the DC Pandey or the HC Verma book. They are great for solving questions. They will provide you with enough amount of practice.
    So to sum up, i recommended these books:

    NCERT of all subjects
    Arihant publications
    Cengage publications
    Any practice book for chemistry
    Resnick Halliday
    DC Pandey
    HC Verma
    Online Solutions to the math books like the NCERT and Cengage are available online. So try those.

    I hope it helps.

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