Is RD Sharma enough for IIT JEE?

  • Is RD Sharma enough for IIT JEE?

  • You need a good depth of knowledge and a lot of practice to be able to clear the JEE Mains and Advance exam and solving just the RD Sharma won’t be enough for that. You need your NCERT book for your base and concepts and a question bank that has questions of Mains and advance levels. You cannot do that just with the RD Sharma books. It;s not good for either of those. It’s just great for practicing.

    You need to solve the NCERT first. Before you start building up the question domain for your JEE exam, you need to have a good base first. Having a good base will change your thinking approach towards questions and it will be easier for you to solve them. So first, you should always try to solve your NCERT book.

    Once that’s done, try the RD Sharma then. It will make solving the RD Sharma easier and you can later on build up on the IIT JEE level questions. So first NCERT and then RD Sharma, This should give you some edge in you boards and the JEE exams as well.

    Once both the books are done, you can go for the Arihant and Cengage publications. They will make you reach the JEE level. You will have a good practice of the questions and a lot of types of questions will be covered.

    Online solutions for all these books are available on the Doubtnut app. If you have any doubts in any math questions, you can post those on the the Doubtnut app. The app will give you a video solution of the app. There are over 10,00,000 solved questions on the app.

    I hope this helps.

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