How did you prepare for the JEE Mains Advanced?

  • How did you prepare for the JEE Mains Advanced?

  • It is very appreciable that you wish to prepare for IIT-JEE and now a days it’s is on trending among science students, but there are 0.01% appearing students are admitted to IIT’s.

    If you want to emerge out the crowd then you have to be smarter than other students who are preparing for IIT-JEE and for that you study with new tricks and techniques that give you high efficiency in your study.

    During my preparation I joined regular classes of Allen career institute,Kota . In daily routine , after class I revise my class lectures and after that I solved sheets and exercise questions of Allen booklets. I used to watch videos lectures and clear my doubt if I feel it. Doubtnut provided me the strategy to effective study for JEE, and every test they analysised my results and guided to according to my improvement. Test series questions are strictly based on latest JEE syllabus and level of question is also up to the mark.

    So I want to suggest you some Do's and Don't which would surely help you..

    Leave social media on the very first day.
    The best thing would be to use simple cellphone meant just for calling.
    If you are preparing with help of videos then instead of viewing random videos on YouTube go for videos provided by some reliable and well planned institutes likes kaysons,etoos,byjus etc.
    Be regular to classes and solve ur assignments regularly. Fancy na.. But it doesn't work like this..u would miss it many a what to do.. The best option is to go along with the teacher.. Instead of completing your backlog of topic A when teacher is teaching topic B.. Just leave topic A and give proper time to topic B..u could just learn basic formulas or concepts of A which are needed in B.
    How to cover your backlogs- divide your chapter into various sections.. Aim for covering one or two sections whenever you get time..u may have a gap of two or three days in between.. Don't panic meanwhile.. Ur first priority is to complete ongoing assignments.
    We,at Doubtnut always happy to solve query 🙂

  • So, let me start with the goal you should have while preparing for the JEE mains 2020.

    Preferably you need to score 250+ marks in JEE Mains which ensures a rank under 2500. This year it was noticed that the difficulty level in different shifts varied thus some people with marks close to 200 secured a good rank and some couldn’t .

    Now, let’s start with the subjects:


    • Since we have about 5–6 months to prepare for JEE Mains 2020, the DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage is an excellent option( the DPP series will be available in any second hand books shop seperately).

    • Every chapter has about 3–4 DPP, which further has 100–120 questions each. Another options is R D SHARMA OBJECTIVE.

    • Doing 40 Year JEE and 10 Year KVPY +16 JEE Mains question paper from previous year is another good option. Although make sure to buy chapter wise books of these or it might become complicated.

    • Along with these follow a test series. Try to take a test every other week , it will help you analyse your performance and boost your confidence.


    • For physics you can again go for DPP Series of Arihant and Cengage or H C VERMA is another good alternate. Questions in H C VERMA are generally pretty long and are not that objective oriented.

    • For objective oriented questions you can follow D C PANDEY OBJECTIVE . And again 40 year JEE and 10 year KVPY +all 16 JEE mains 2019 papers are a must.


    • NCERT is sufficient for theory of organic and inorganic chemistry. Along with it make sure to follow a practice book . For organic use either Pankaj Chouhan or Himanshu Pandey , which comes with solutions in the book itself and for inorganic use NCERT fingertips.

    • Now lets move onto study tips for these 6 months.

    • Most important part is continuity. Make sure to study everyday.

    • For the first few months, focus on building your concept.

    • Take tests twice a week. it helps you analyse how much concept you’ve built.
      Study with focus. Hours don’t matter, but the quality of each hour spent studying is what matters .

    • Set targets, and try to achieve those targets before the end of the day.

    • Practice as as many questions as you can.

    • Last but not the least, get enough sleep. Don’t over exert your body and mind .
      Always remember, you’re what you choose to be. If you put in your mind and hardwork into something, nothing can stop you.

    Hope this helped.

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