Which will be a good book for Maths for JEE Advanced?

  • Which will be a good book for Maths for JEE Advanced?

  • There are many books available in market for studying math for JEE but there a very few books that will actually help you to score and do well in the exam. So you need to pick the right ones. Here are a few books which I would suggest that work.

    Arihant and Cengage Publications: These are the best books for any competitive exam. You need some books that will build you a base and give you a good practice of questions to JEE level at the same time. These books will be best for that. You will see questions that match the JEE level.
    KC Sinha and ML Khanna: These 2 books are said to be great as they have produced results. The students who clear the exam generally recommend these books. They do not cover everything in the syllabus, but sure they are effective for the topics they cover.
    After all these books, there are a few more which are good for some topics. Watch this video from Doubtnut for that. That should answer your question. They have explained which books you need in detail.
    I hope it helps.

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