Which maths book are good for IIT JEE preparation?

  • Which maths book are good for IIT JEE preparation?

  • Math will only give you score in your JEE exam if you have practiced well enough for it. Practice is what makes you score in math. But the JEE math is nothing to be scared of. If you follow the right and the right books, you can surely score well in your Mains exam.

    You need the minimum number if books to cover the maximum possible syllabus. So i would answer this keeping that in mind.

    NCERT: The JEE exam tests your depth of concepts and to develop those you need your NCERT books. You cannot solve the JEE questions without your NCERT books conepts. So the first thing you solve is your NCERT before you go for any other competitive book.
    RD Sharma (optional): If you think you haven’t practiced your basics enough, then only you should go for solving the RD Sharma book. This book mostly focuses on basic questions along with a very few High order thinking skills questions which makes it easy to solve this book and therefore, unnecessary.
    Arihant and Cengage Publications: These two publications are the best to clear any competitive exam. If you need to practice for mains and advance, these are the books for you. Even if you solve just these 2 publication books along with NCERT, it should be enough for scoring good in your Mains and advance.
    Normally these books are enough for your preparation but if you need some more practice or you think that it is not enough, you can go for the KC Sinha and ML Khanna books. They are supposed to be great for producing results.
    Refer this video from Doubtnut for more clarity. I hope it helps.


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