What are some of the best books for IITJEE?

  • What are some of the best books for IITJEE?

  • There are many books available in markets these days for the preparation of IIT JEE exams. But you need to pick the good ones for your preparation. Half the books in the market won’t help you at all. So it’s best if you stick to the recommended books. You definitely want the right things for your preparation. Here are my suggestions:

    Math: solve the NCERT books first. Then solve the RD Sharma, and finally, the Cengage and Arihant Publication books. This will first form a base and slowly increase your level of difficulty. Solutions for all these books is available on the Doubtnut platform.

    Chemistry: For chemistry, NCERT is enough. If you think you need a little more study, go for the Dinesh and Preadeep books. But in my opinion, you won’t need those. Just stick with your NCERT book.

    Physics: For physics, first read your NCERT book. Then go for the the Resnick Halliday. These 2 books will give you a good strong base and clarity of concepts. After that the HC Verma and DC Pandey question banks are good.

    These books should be enough for your practice.

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  • As you know IIT JEE is one of the most competitive exam in our country. It requires a lot hard work and preparation and to score good marks in this examination you need to create a proper study plan with the right books. There are many books that you can refer for IIT JEE Preparation but you also need to keep in mind that you shouldn't read more books than you can digest.

    Here are some of the important books that you can refer for IIT JEE 2020 Preparation:

    For maths:

    • NCERT Maths

    • RD Sharma

    • RS Aggarwal

    • Cengage Books (6 Books)

    • Arihant Books (7 Books)

    • ML Khanna

    • KC Sinha

    • Trigonometry by S L Loney

    • Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney

    • Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

    • Problem in Calculus in one variable by IA Maron

    • Problem Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta

    For Physics:

    • NCERT Physics

    • HC Verma

    • Resnick Halliday

    • DC Pandey

    • BM Sharma

    • Satish K. Gupta

    • SS Krotov

    • IE Irodov

    For Chemistry:

    Physical Chemistry

    • Narendra Awasthi

    • P Bhadhur

    • KS Verma

    • OP Tandon

    Organic Chemistry

    • Himanshu Pandey

    • Ms Chouhan

    • Ks Verma

    • OP Tandon

    Inorganic Chemistry

    • NCERT

    • NCERT Fingertips

    • KS Verma

    • VK Jaiswal

    • OP Tandon

    When you are reading these books and solving problems from these books, you are bound to get some doubts or queries and you might get stressed when you feel you have hit a wall on some topics.
    But there is no need to be stressed about it because you can clear your doubts or queries through us or by going to our Doubtnut app or website. There you will find solutions to all the questions in these books and also better study material and mock tests. Through our Doubtnut app you can get video solution to all your doubts within seconds, you just need to click a picture of your doubt and send it to us and we will provide you with the solution instantly.

    Here- you can find all the solution to all questions in these books

    So Chill out and remember,
    We at Doubtnut are always there to solve your doubts 🙂

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