How do you study class 12 math?

  • How do you study class 12 math?

  • There are a lot of books in the market that will help you study math for your boards but there are only 2–3 books which you need to follow and you will automatically score well. I gave my math exam a few years back and scored 95 marks. My overall marks were 96% , so i think that qualifies me to answer this question.

    So normally i would have recommended you to stick with your NCERT books and the RD Sharma but the math papers in 2015 and 2017 were a little tough and could not have been done b just studying these 2 books. So i might recommend some more books.

    NCERT: The first book you need to study is the NCERT. 70% of your board paper will have only NCERT questions. So you need to complete that first. It also forms your basis so that you can solve other questions as well.

    RS Aggarwal: Seeing the level of the questions, i would say you should go for this book instead of your RD Sharma book. You need to practice some good questions if you need to score well in the Boards exam.

    Sample papers: Pick some good sample papers from the market and solve 2 papers everyday in the final month of your exam preparation. This might give you a major boost in your score. I would recommend you the Evergreen sample papers or the Oswald sample papers. They will be enough for your preparation.
    I think those should be enough for your board preparation. All the best. I hope it helps.

    If you have any doubt in any question in these books, take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut platform. You will receive a video solution of the question. There are over a 10,00,000 question solutions on the app. Give it a try.

  • Class 12th is without any doubt is one of the biggest milestone in anyone’s life since, after 12th students are supposed to make some extremely serious decision regarding their respective future. Mathematics, Indeed is one of the most vital component for the syllabus of class 12th as well as other competitive exams, making a good hold on this subject will not only help you get good marks in your boards but you will surely have an extra edge over others in competitive exams as well.

    Now, How to prepare for class 12th Maths.

    NCERT, I believe can be the biggest tool in your arsenal while aiming for the board exams, NCERT books will help you get well-versed with the fundamentals of concepts and topics. NCERT will help you get the rhythm and will make you aware of your pace of learning without affecting your confidence in any negative manner.

    Other than NCERT there are books which can be referred to for advance knowledge of the subject and believe me, maths is the subject which will easier for you more you practice.

    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these

    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.

    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus

    COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH): In maths the more you practice the more you learn method is preached and when it comes to problems soliving this book provides students with the best problems for JEE level.

    In today’s world preparing traditional ways of joining coaching not only frowned upon but the amount of time get wasted during some necessity tasks like travelling, a considerable amount of your time is taken up by such tasks, and after that there are certain limitation to the availability of your teacher that why I believe, online education portals are much more practical, and efficient, but now there are number of these portals as well, how do you choose the right one for you.

    I have seen every website and online portal which could provide people with good content for preparation and I found the Doubtnut app to be helpful with queries, they provide you with the solutions quick with methods easy to understand and always accurate. Doubtnut provides assistance on WhatsApp where you can just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on the group and believe me within seconds the video solution is provided by them. You can get their assistance by simply adding yourself on 8400400400.

  • Maths is one of the most important subjects for students who want to pursue a career in the
    field of engineering. It also plays an integral role from competitive exams to for board exams .
    This subject needs a lot and lots of practice, so that the student can cover all diffrent varieties of
    problems posed in the exam paper.
    I will give you detailed information regarding how to score good marks in Maths Class 12
    Important topics from syllabus
    1.Relations and functions
    5.Matrices and determinants
    Important topics and their weightage
    • Calculus come for44 marks
    • Vectors and 3-D Geometry come for 17 marks
    • Algebra come for13 marks
    • Relations and functions and Probability 10 marks
    Tips for preparation

    1. Start early
      To succeed in exams, the students need to start their preparation from the beginning of
      the session. Students have around 8 months for the board exam preparation. If planned
      well, the students can get good results in the board examination. Proper planning of
      study throughout the year will help students to score good in the board exam.
    2. Make notes
      Learn and clear all important topics given in your syllabus and school book. Most of the
      questions asked in the Class 12th Board exams are from the NCERT syllabus only. Also,

    make notes on each topic in your own language. Writing notes will help you remember it
    for longer and it can also serve as a quick reference during the revision period.
    3) Past year question paper & mock tests
    Practicing what you have learned is important. After thoroughly reading and
    understanding the chapter, try solving all the questions in the book. Once that done, take
    the past year question paper/sample paper/mock test and solve them. Focus on
    correcting each of your mistakes. This training will help you a lot during board exams.
    4) Take help
    If you are getting a particular type of question wrong, it means you should take help in
    understanding the concept of the topic . Many students end up repeating the same
    mistakes over and over again, because they don’t clear their doubts. Take the help of
    your teacher or friends , read more about the topic to clear your doubts.
    5) Dont take stress
    Last but not least, dont take stress . It is normal to feel nervousness during the exam but
    you should not let it spoil your preparation. Believe in your preparation and try to
    understand the question. Even if you get stressed during an exam, have some water and
    take some deep breaths to get rel

    How to attempt the exam
    • Before you start the exam, use the first 15 minutes to scan the paper. Read the question
    paper before jumping to write the answers.
    • Among the questions with internal choices, select the ones that you plan to attempt, and
    frame structure of the answers you are going to write for these questions.
    • Always follow a pattern. For example, in case you start with long answer questions,
    complete that section and only then move to short answer section.
    • Highlight the important points and write your answer in points to enhance more visibility.

    Good preparation books for mathematics
    • NCERT books are very impostant for a CBSE exam. Maths part 1 and part 2, both cost
    Rs 90 and should be the first source of reference. Do all problems from the NCERT book
    • R.D Sharma is a good book to prepare, in case you are through with your NCERT book.
    The book has a lot of solved and unsolved questions of good difficulty level give.
    • CBSE sample papers and past years paper: You can download the papers from the
    official website. The sample papers provided by the CBSE are as close to the real exam
    as it gets.

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