Which book should I prefer for maths 12th board?

  • Which book should I prefer for maths 12th board?

  • There are a lot of books in the market that will help you study math for your boards but there are only 2–3 books which you need to follow and you will automatically score well. I gave my math exam a few years back and scored 95 marks. My overall marks were 96% , so i think that qualifies me to answer this question. So normally i would have recommended you to stick with your NCERT books and the RD Sharma but the math papers in 2015 and 2017 were a little tough and could not have been done by just studying these 2 books. So i might recommend some more books.

    NCERT: The first book you need to study is the NCERT. 70% of your board paper will have only NCERT questions. So you need to complete that first. It also forms your basis so that you can solve other questions as well.

    RS Aggarwal: Seeing the level of the questions, i would say you should go for this book instead of your RD Sharma book. You need to practice some good questions if you need to score well in the Boards exam.

    Sample papers: Pick some good sample papers from the market and solve 2 papers everyday in the final month of your exam preparation. This might give you a major boost in your score. I would recommend you the Evergreen sample papers or the Oswald sample papers.

    They will be enough for your preparation.I think those should be enough for your board preparation. All the best. I hope it helps.

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