What are the best JEE Advanced math preparation books?

  • What are the best JEE Advanced math preparation books?

  • Here are my recommendations:

    Arihant and Cengage Publications: These books are good for some clarity of the concepts and are great question banks when it comes to solving questions at the JEE Mains and Advanced level. They will give you a large question domain and bring you to the JEE level as well.

    KC Sinha and ML Khanna: These two books might not contain everything that is there in the syllabus but, I have seen students who study this produce results. So i would say these are good books. You should go and practice on these books. They will surely be beneficial.

    Also if you need more study material, you can go on the Doubtnut app. It’s an online doubt solving app where you can prepare for JEE as well. They have everything that you might need for your preparation. They even have solutions for the books that i recommended. So try this app. You will get whatever you are looking for there.

    Also see this video for which books to follow for JEE Advanced math.


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