Which books or series should I prefer for the IIT JEE maths preparation if I don t go for any tutions and doing self study?

  • Which books or series should I prefer for the IIT JEE maths preparation if I don t go for any tutions and doing self study?

  • It’s good that you are trying to prepare for the JEE exams through self study, but i highly recommend you to try some coaching classes for it. They are great at what they do and they know what is to be done if you want to clear the exam. There material is also good for studying for the exam. But if you are keen on solving it through self study, here is what you can do.

    NCERT book: First try and solve the NCERT book. You need too have a strong base and a good clarity if concepts before you can jump into your JEE preparation. So first step is to solve the NCERT book. That will help you greatly.

    Question banks: Once you have a good and strong base built, start solving the question banks that have questions at JEE level. You do not need to solve books like RD Sharma or RS Aggarwal. They will just give you a lot more practice of the basic stuff and not the JEE questions. So go for books like the Arihant and Cengage Publications or the KC Sinha and ML Khanna. They will give you good practice of the questions and increase your question domains.

    Doubts: You are going to do self study without any teachers, so you surely need some online help to clear your doubts. If there is any question that you are not able to solve, just upload the question on the Doubtnut app. You will receive video solutions of the question within seconds.

    Borrow coaching material (optional): If you can borrow some coaching material, go for it. You will be benefited a lot. These coaching materials provide you with a lot of questions and concepts which are put in with a lot of thinking. So if you can borrow, do it.

    Previous year papers and mock tests: After all this you will feel the need to put your knowledge to test. Previous year papers and mock tests are the way to do it. Solve as many papers as possible and try to analyze your time after each paper. You need to work on your speed too.

    Analyze your mistakes: Once you are done with any mock test or previous year paper, try to analyze all the mistakes that you made in it. You will have made a lot of them and it would be best if you could solve them. you do not want to repeat those in the final exam.

    I think this self study plan should help you. All the best.

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