Whats the fees structure in NIT?

  • Whats the fees structure in NIT?

  • Many aspirants with stars in their eyes want to get admission into the NITs. While being rated among the best in the country is one obvious reason why students are attracted to the NITs, the low fee structure is also another big reason

    Being public institutes, they charge only a fraction of what private institutes like Manipal and VIT charge. But that being said, the B.Tech fee structure of NITs is not exactly uniform across the institutes and there can be subtle differences.

    It should be noted at the time of admission, the candidate is only required to pay a part payment of the admission fee, with the remaining balance having to be paid at the time specified by the admission authorities.

    • The fee structure of the NIT’s is set by the MHRD in consultation with the NIT Council. Consequently, the tuition fee is the same across all NIT’s, which is Rs. 62, 500 per annum. But for some other components the fee structure may vary.

    • For example NIT Arunachal Pradesh charges Rs. 5,600 as Institute Fee, whereas NIT Andhra Pradesh charges Rs. 10,000 as Institute Development Fee at the time of admission. There are other components like Lab and library deposit fee, Alumni Association fee, and Magazine Fee that may differ from one one NIT to another. NIT Andhra charges Rs. 100 as Magazine fee, compared to Rs. 150 charged by NIT Calicut, to give you another example

    • Also, the fee structure for a candidate may vary in an NIT depending on the candidate’s category and/or annual family income.
      Every NIT has a slightly different fees structure,

    Here is the fees structure of NIT Meghalaya, this will help you get a basic idea about the fees structure of an NIT.


    • 100% Tuition Fee waiver for SC/ST/PH students.

    • Full remission of the Tuition Fee for General and OBC students whose family income is less than Rs.1 lakh per annum.

    • Remission of 2/3rd of the Tuition Fee for General and OBC students whose family income is between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakh per annum.

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