What should be my preparation for BITSAT in the last 10 days?

  • What should be my preparation for BITSAT in the last 10 days?

  • BITSAT does not try to trick you. Instead, it tries to test your speed and accuracy along with your basic concepts. So the preparation strategy for BITSAT should be totally different accordingly. And with 10 days, you can only revise for that. Here’s a preparation strategy that might help.

    First 2 days: View all the previous year papers that you can get your hands on. They will benefit you on a large scale. You will face questions that you will be seeing for the first time.They will increase your question domain and give a boost to your confidence as well.

    Next 3 days: Solve online mock test papers. They will give you a good amount of practice that is necessary to develop your speed and accuracy. You will get to know a lot more questions and scoring good might give you an even better score in the main exam. Solve at least 3 papers everyday.

    Analyzing mistakes: After you solve a mock test paper, it’s best if you can analyze where you went wrong and what were your mistakes. Try to solve every question that you missed or solved incorrectly. If there is any question that you are not able to solve, upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution for the question.

    Last 5 days: Stick to your NCERT books. It’s great if you can refresh your base in the last few days. So read your NCERT books. They will help you to tackle all the questions which you are facing now for the first time. So the last step is quite important.

    This strategy should help you increase your score a little. I hope it helps.

  • Preparing for such a big exam in just 10 days is not easy. I will be assuming that you know the basics of classes 11th and 12th and now you are going to work on increases your level to the BITSAT exams. Also, you need a lot of practice if you want to clear the exam and enter the college with a good branch. I scored 398 when i gave my BITSAT and I did a lot of practice.

    • The key will be the number of mock test papers you solve. The BITSAT exam is going to test your speed and accuracy along with your concepts, so the best thing you can is to practice as much as you can. So you have only 10 days left. Here is my recommended plan of action:

    • Take the first 2 days and start solving the previous year question papers. These question papers are going to help you a lot. Many questions will be repeated and also, the confidence which you get is great. Try not to skip any question. Solve all the questions because you never know which one will be repeated. Also it’s good to increase the types on questions in your memory bank.

    • Now the next 5 days are for solving the mock tests. Go for online mock tests in case you do not have a coaching or your coaching does not give BITSAT practice. That is the key here. More papers you are going to solve, the higher your score will be. Doesn’t matter if you score less in the first 2–3 mock tests. The score will increase gradually.

    • After each mock test, start analyzing your mistakes. You are definitely going to make mistakes in every paper you solve, so its best to look at them and find there solutions. That would help in increasing your score too.

    • So finally you have 3 days left. Devote these 3 days in studying you NCERT books. That’s all you can do now. Refresh you base and clear all your concepts.

    • Even if you face a new question in exam, you can attempt to solve it if your concepts are clear.

    I hope all this helps.

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