How do I prepare for BITSAT in 15 days?

  • How do I prepare for BITSAT in 15 days?

  • BITSAT is not an easy exam but the thing to keep in mind is that the BITSAT exam does not try to trick you. It tests your concepts along with your speed and accuracy. If you have a little clarity of concepts then all you need to do now is practice in these final 15 days. You can surely get a good score. Here’s what you can do.

    Previous year papers: Take the first 4 days to solve as many previous year papers as you can. You don’t have leave any question in between. Solve each and every question. If there is any question that is too difficult to solve and you cannot solve it, just take a snap of that question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question.

    Mock tests: Give the next full week to solving the mock test papers. You need to analyze where you are right now. Also, at first you might score less. But you have to do something to increase your score gradually. So after every mock test you solve, try to solve the questions that you solved incorrectly or the questions that you were wrong at. This will prevent you from making the same mistake in the exam and also, your score will start increasing gradually, as you keep solving the mock tests.

    NCERT book: Now that you have only 4 days left, concentrate completely on the NCERT books. You need to refresh your base once before you appear for the exam. NCERT is the best way to do so.

    I think that’s all. This should definitely help you o score well. I hope it helps.

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