How do I improve in BITSAT in 2 weeks?

  • How do I improve in BITSAT in 2 weeks?

  • 2 weeks is a good time if you are looking to improve your score. You only need practice and you will definitely be able to score well in your exam. Here is a strategy that might help you to improve your score in the exam.

    Start solving the previous year question papers first. You need to solve the previous year papers because they introduce you to a bunch of new type of questions and also increase your confidence. They will show you the level of questions too. Also do not leave any question. You have to solve each and every question in these papers. If you are not able to solve any one question, take a snap of it and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution for it.
    After solving the previous year papers, try to solve as many mock test papers as possible. This is where you will improve your score significantly. Solve as many mock test papers as possible. This will show you your current level and how much you need to improve.

    Analyze your mistakes after every exam. If there was any question that you solved wrong or any question which you weren’t able to solve, search it and solve it. This will give you some extra knowledge too.
    Finally, read your NCERT books ance again
    Doing all this should definitely improve your BITSAT score significantly. Also try to make a strategy on how to attempt the exam. This gives you a clear idea on what to do. Here’s a strategy that i recommend.

    First try and attempt the mathematics section. If you have practiced well enough, you can solve the section without a lot of trouble. Don’t force yourself though. If you can do it, its fine, otherwise just skip the question. Do not guess. Maths preparation requires a lot of practice and if you have any doubt in any question, try the Doubtnut app. It has over 10,00,000 solved maths questions.
    Give around 45 minutes to maths. Once that is done, come to English and logical reasoning section. Do not give it much time. Logical reasoning questions are easy and do not require much thinking. They are even fun to solve. Then comes the English part. That’s something which no one can help you with. You are on your own.
    After this, go for Chemistry. It does not require much thinking and depends on what you have studied. So prepare well for chemistry. This is going to be your major scoring area.

    Finally comes physics. It requires a lot of thinking and also concentration to solve physics. Its best to solve it when you have finished all other subjects and now you are under no pressure. Just focus on solving the physics questions.
    This strategy should improve your score too.

    I hope this helps.

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