What are some best tips and hacks to get good marks in JEE main ?

  • What are some best tips and hacks to get good marks in JEE main ?

  • Here are some tips which i followed. They produced results for me and they should produce results for you as well.

    • Do not ignore chemistry: Chemistry is the most scoring and easiest subject in any competitive exam. You need to understand this. Sure there is a lot to cram but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. If you can prepare chemistry just by reading you NCERT, you can very well score 90+ in your mains exam.

    • Practice math everyday: This is something that everyone might have told you but you need to start working on it. A day without math can cost you big. You might lose a whole concept because of that. So it’s best if you can practice math for at least 2 hours everyday.

    • Previous year papers: You need to solve the previous year papers too. Once you solve the previous year papers, you get confidence in your own preparation. You will be aware of all the questions that were asked yet in the JEE exam and also, you will know what kind of questions maybe asked.

    • Mock tests: Practice is definitely going to increase your score. The more you will practice, the better your score will be. So it’s best if you can practice as much as possible. You need to realize your weak and strong areas and i think mock tests are the prefect way to do so.

    • Mistake analysis: You need to analyze your mistakes after each mock test paper you solve. This will gradually increase your score. You need to check all the questions which you have left in the mock test too. This will increase your question domain and the likeliness will increase that the questions you will face in the exam, you might have already done that.

    I hope this helps.

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