Which book should I prefer to get a good rank in the Mains ?

  • Which book should I prefer to get a good rank in the Mains ?

  • So here I will be listing the books that are absolutely necessary for clearing your JEE exam. You cannot skip these. Some books are just necessary for clearing the exam and skipping out on those can cost you big. Here is a list of such books for all the subjects.


    • NCERT / RD Sharma (solve any one of them)
    • Arihant Publications books
    • Cengage publication books

    These are a total of 12 books which you will need to solve and you cannot skip any one of these. You can choose one between the NCERT and RD Sharma because they are both good for clearing your base. If there are any questions that you are not able to solve, just take a snap of that question, and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question within seconds.


    • NCERT
    • NCERT Exemplar
    • Any practice book


    • NCERT
    • Resnick Halliday
    • HC Verma

    Solving all these books is necessary for clearing your mains exam. I you want to score more, you need more books. There are 3 more books which i suggest you would need. The KC Sinha, ML Khanna and the DC Pandey.

    I hope it helps.

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