What reference books are best for IIT JEE preparation ?

  • What reference books are best for IIT JEE preparation ?

  • In my opinion, these are the best books.

    • Math: NCERT should be read first to clear all the concepts. Then you should go for the Arihant and Cengage publication books for JEE preparation. After that, solve the KC Sinha and ML Khanna books for your preparation. If there is any question in any of these books that you are not able to solve, just take a snap of that question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question.

    • Physics: Read the NCERT first. Then read the Resnick Halliday and try to build you concepts. After that, solve the HC Verma and DC Pandey problems. Doing this should be enough for your preparation of physics. Do solve the physics questions from previous year papers as well.

    • Chemistry: Reading the NCERT and NCERT exemplar should be enough to clear all your concepts of chemistry, For practice, you can refer any practice book available in the market.

    These books should help you to clear the exam.

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