Is it possible to score 300+ in JEE Mains January 2020 if I start from now?

  • Is it possible to score 300+ in JEE Mains January 2020 if I start from now?

  • If you want then you can….

    Look, clearing IIT is not an easy task and it can’t be measured on any scale of brain power even some international professors feel that the JEE papers are 'impossibly' tough

    It is something that requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in topics/subjects and learning in a smart and efficient way.

    People clear iit in last 5-6 months also

    So here are some preparation tips for you :-

    1.Begin by understanding the past exam trends. You can do this through available information online or analysing at least past five years papers on your own.

    2..Subject wise analysis is very important.

    3.Physics: The subject encompasses aspects of: Optics, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Heat and thermodynamics and mechanics.

    4.Chemistry: The subject encompasses modules like physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Physical chemistry brings along questions from kinetics, chemical equilibrium etc. Nomenclature, general organic chemistry are observing fewer questions in organic chemistry. Although alkanes,alkynes, polymers,carbonyls etc see rising number of questions.

    5.Mathematics: The subject is all about practice. A perfect plan must include dedicated time for practicing all mathematical problems. For the last five years, differential calcuy

    has been dominating the question papers, consistency followed by coordinate geometry.

    6.You need to utilise each minute wisely and prepare a personalized full proof timetable.

    7.If you feel the need you can enroll in professional online classes for JEE preparation, under the guidance of experts. Online classes also save a lot of travel time.

    8.All the three subjects need practice for formula, theorem, chemical equations and more.

    For doubts related to physics, maths etc Hit Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut to get them solved instantly.

    Cheers and Love


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