How important is SHM in Physics JEE?

  • How important is SHM in Physics JEE?

  • Well buddy,

    In IIT JEE, UPSEE and WBJEE, the chapter Simple Harmonic Motion plays an important role. About 2-3 questions are being asked from this chapter.

    It's a part of mechanics that includes everything from mechanics. From kinmeatics to rotation, whatever you have studied previously.

    It is one of the most important.

    SHM is just like back bone of physics if u don’t know much more about physics then it’s worthless. so you should know more about it. Therefore i am going to describe how important it is for JEE candidates.

    Here are some chapters analysis:-

    • Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision – Weightage: 5%

    • Rotational Dynamics – Weightage: 4%

    • Simple Harmonic Motion – Weightage: 5%

    • Fluid Mechanics – Weightage: 2 – 5%. Bernoulli’s principle can be easily twisted to ask some tricky questions.

    • Wave Motion and String Waves – Weightage: 5%

    • Magnetism – Weightage: 6%

    • Heat & Thermodynamics – Weightage: 6%. This is one topic that is very important for both Physics and Chemistry preparation in JEE.

    • Nuclear Physics – Weightage: 5%

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  • Every year, there are 2–3 questions on Simple Harmonic Motion in Physics JEE.

    This topic is something you must not leave. Damn sure, you will get questions on SHM and they are easy.

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