Which book is best for preparation of physics for NEET?

  • Which book is best for preparation of physics for NEET?

  • All you need to prepare for NEET is the right strategy and lots and lots of hard work.

    It is easier to score in biology and chemistry as compared to physics.

    • For biology, NCERT is the book for you. Cover each and every topic from NCERT and you’re good to go.

    • If you’re thorough with NCERT then clearing NEET would be cake walk for you as 70–75 questions from a total of 90 are directly asked from NCERT.

    • Rest 25% is related to previous year question papers. So make sure you solve them religiously ( NEET, AIPMT AND AIIMS ).

    • Make short notes using key words.

    • Use these key words to revise again and again.


    • Inorganic- For inorganic chemistry, all you need to do is NCERT. Direct questions come from NCERT. Therefore it would be enough.

    • Organic: For organic, again , NCERT would be enough for the theory part but along with it you’ll need any coaching material or practice book for solving problems.

    • Physical : P BAHADUR OR N AVASTHI are good options for physical chemistry. Along with it solve previous year question papers for sure.( NEET, AIPMT AND AIIMS )

    • Write down all formulae , important reactions and exception on a sheet of paper and stick it to a wall in front of you so that you can revise them regularly.


    • Physics has been the rank deciding factor for the past 2–3 years as the calculation level has increased

    • 140+ for a good rank should be your target.

    • Practice atleast 200+ questions. Theory is as as important as numericals. Try to get familiar with tedious calculations.

    • Again make a sheet with all formulae written on it.

    Some more suggestion:

    • Divide your time effectively . Biology need more time than other subjects as 90 question of the paper comes from biology and only 45 questions each from chemistry and physics each.Try to give 40–45% time to bio in the beginning. since its scoring, it’ll help you boost confidence for your test.

    • It’s okay if you don’t score well in mock tests in the beginning. Try to improve slowly. Take baby steps and work hard.

    • Don’t even think about skipping even 1 chapter. Focus more on chapters you think yore weak in.

    • Study everyday. Invest atleast 7 hours in studying apart from coaching every day. If you’re in class 12th, try to study 8–8.5 hours a day apart from coaching. And for droppers, make sure you study atleast study 10 hours a day, as you don’t have second year to revise everything.
      Hope this helped.

    All the best!

  • You can use NCERT for reviewing the syllabus and topics included in the exam and solve back exercises too.

    The books especially for objectives that I used:

    • HC Verma: Best book for building your concepts. Provides you the way to tackle with a situation. No need for solving the back questions, but if you are also preparing for AIIMS, then back questions are must.

    • DC Pandey NEET Objective Physics: Once you have made your concept, shift to this book. It provides with numerous formulas and special cases and tricks to solve the objectives. Best and complete in itself to help you score 180/180 in Physics if you read it with same ambition!

    I read these two books during my NEET preparation and truly proved helpful during the exam.

    At last I would say that you should read those books which give you satisfaction and which after reading make you think that now you can solve any question i.e. your concepts are now clear. Physics is all about application of your concepts.

    You can also use our Doubtnut app for clearing doubts, more study material and mock tests.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck for your future.

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