How many hours do students study for the NEET exam?

  • How many hours do students study for the NEET exam?

  • Actually, this is the type of question which will depends on every individual candidates ,that how quickly they can grasp.

    Quantity doesn't matter, quality matters. It varies from individual to individual. Some people remember easily and in opposite to that some require more number of revisions. You cannot decide how much hours you shall study to prepare for NEET. It also depends on your level and your target. For example, let consider a person A and B. A's memory is very sharp and also requires comparatively less practice for physics and chemistry.


    Don’t focus on hours. Focus on topics.

    Some topics takes less time to complete, some takes more. So numbers of hours can vary. Plan out your schedule – What topics have to be completed today, how they are to be completed, if you do not complete a topic today then how it should be managed with tomorrow’s studies, etc.

    During NEET preparation, you have to study consistently, whether that is learning concepts or solving problems. But your study hours can be flexible depending on your strength and weakness for the subject. When your mind says it’s enough of studying a subject for the day, it’s okay to move on to other subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily .

    Hope u like it 🙂

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