How can I get marks in JEE mains physics?

  • How can I get marks in JEE mains physics?

  • Well for physics specially ,Just be focus and committed to ur notes(if u have done jee coaching) bcz theory is important for jee mains. Also there are atleast 12–15 ques which are formula based. And 3–5 questions that are just if u know theory u know if u dnt then nothing can be done. So just focus on ncert for modern physics communication semiconductor wave optics. Just practice the numericals of electrostatics and magnetism. Follow ncert and make short notes for KTG and Thermodynamics.

    The top tips to be followed in order to get better results as you expect

    • Prepare with a good concern and concentration over studies

    • Follow the simple tricks taught by tutor for remembering formulas and concepts

    • Avoid late night studies as well as work hard as it is your onetime opportunity (in turn study at early mornings which makes you learn 2.5times faster than normal)

    • fill yourself with full of positivity and a believe that you can do it

    • don’t avoid health status as it effects your day schedule later

    • practice the problems which are classified as models or examples.

    for more help u can see best video lecture which will launch soon on Doubtnut site.

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