What books did you refer to in each subject while preparing for the NEET?

  • What books did you refer to in each subject while preparing for the NEET?

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  • The pattern of NEET is based on NCERT, but many a times you'll see that you have to add some more topics other than given in NCERT for your Neet preparation, so I would suggest you make a diary in which you can add those topics which you find are not given in NCERT so that at the time of revision you are not hassled much.

    So for NEET practice every back question of NCERT as well as NCERT Exemplar.


    • Biology comprises 50% of the portion of NEET so it's very much scoring if you have thoroughly understood each and every line of NCERT BIOLOGY.

    • Read the bio NCERT as many times as possible so that you have a vision memory of each and every page and diagrams specially.

    • NCERT at fingertips of mtg

    • Then come to PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS…here you will see that there are some questions from topics which are not given in NCERT so for those topics just refer to your coaching material or Trueman

    • For more MCQ practice you can refer to Dinesh objective


    • You have to read Chemistry NCERT very thoroughly for the inorganic portion and organic as well.

    • Physical chemistry you don't have to focus much on NCERT have at least one time reading although and then go for the previous year questions of Neet as well as JEE Mains

    • Physical chemistry needs more practice so you can go for P Bahadur as well…if you are willing to.

    • For inorganic chemistry just learn NCERT, you have to treat it the same way you treat BIO.

    • There are some chapters from which question comes only from the NCERT and you have to read those chapter very well as they are easy and scoring.

    • Surface chemistry

    • Polymer

    • Biomolecules

    • Environmental chemistry

    • Chemistry in every day life

    • For organic chemistry read the NCERT do the previous year questions and if you find some question belonging to a topic beyond NCERT then search for the topic in any refresher and add that to diary.


    • For physics you don't need to go through NCERT much, just read NCERT of Physics for modern physics.

    • Just stick to DC Pandey for NEET for theory as well as MCQ practice, just go for Level 1 questions if you are a beginner.

    • Also practice the previous year questions of NEET and JEE Mains

    • So yeah I guess that's it just try to practice as much MCQs as possible because they will help you a lot as we have Neet as a time bound paper in which you have 180 questions and 180 minutes

    • So for that you need to practice your Physics very well so that you have a good speed in physics

    • And you have to memorize bio very well so that the time you take in physics is compensated by bio.

    • And don't go for too much stuff for the theory part just rely on one book for the theory and then the others are just for the MCQ practice.

    All the best 🙂

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