Im 35 years old Am I too old to join Google Facebook Microsoft or Apple as a software engineer?

  • Im 35 years old Am I too old to join Google Facebook Microsoft or Apple as a software engineer?

  • No, and I found some of the answers I see on this page just hysterically, ridiculously naive and inaccurate.

    I am a serial entrepreneur who’s launched two successful startups, I give talks on entrepreneurship and I coach startups to give back to the community that help me become successful, and I will testify you that age is not a concern for the better class of technology leaders.

    Sure, young people are “creative”, I was 23 when I founded my first company, I did “think outside of the box” like most young entrepreneurs think they’re doing, but the reality is that most of the thoughts are wildly unrealistic and uninformed. When we’re young we come up with wild ideas because we’ve never worked and never had exposure to real problems… basically we’re talking out of our ass. Tech media generally made this problem worse by overexposing stories about singular instances of young founders who’re successful, while not being truthful about how the absolute majority of young founders and technologists fall flat on their faces.

    you know no one at FB, MSFT, Google and Apple even have kids right? If you do they lay you off (its part of the agreement when they hire you). You think anyone there will want to hear about your family and your boring life when what you should be doing is coding, partying and traveling the world to find your zen. Code, curls and girls === life. And what about all the free food and soda that you can’t take advantage of because you have to eat healthy due to your age? You’ll be a social outcast if you don’t live on chips, ramen, chocolate, soda, protein drinks and Soylent. Do you drink brah? Do you even play binary beer pong?? How are you going to chug back those beers with your 35 year old liver? I bet that organ is on life support at such an old age.

    Hope u like it:)

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