How should I prepare for the BITSAT examination as only a month is left ?

  • How should I prepare for the BITSAT examination as only a month is left ?

  • BITSAT is not a very tough exam. It does not test your depth of concepts like the JEE mains does, but instead, it tests your speed and accuracy. You need to make a preparation strategy that gives you a lot of practice. That should help you to develop your speed and accuracy. Here is a strategy that might help in my opinion.

    • Previous year papers: The first week should be spent in solving the previous year papers. They make you aware of the level of the questions that you are going to face and also increase your confidence. Solve all the questions in the previous year papers. You cannot leave any question unsolved.

    • Mock tests: You know that you need a lot of practice. So mock tests are the way to do it. You can solve as many questions as you want but solving a mock test and analyzing your performance is totally different. It will show you what your current level is, and how much you need to improve.

    • Read NCERT books: After solving the previous year papers and mock tests, revise your NCERT books. You need to refresh your base before you appear for the final exam. You cannot leave the NCERTs. Do go for them once. This will help you solve the questions that you will be solving for the first time.

    • Last 2–3 days: revise all the tips and tricks and formulas that you might have written during your preparation. Under pressure, it is easy to forget stuff and it will be great if you can refresh that. That way you won’t forget it that easily.

    I think following that in the last month should give you a good score. If you have any doubts during your preparation, try the Doubtnut app. Take a snap of the question that you are not able to solve and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution of your question.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

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