What are some interesting math skills and tricks?

  • What are some interesting math skills and tricks?

  • In my opinion, the greatest mathematics trick would be the multiplication trick. It makes it so easy to solve the big multiplications, the calculations become fairly easy. Here is the trick. Take for example, 21 x 32

    first take 21 and and draw 2 straight lines adjacent to 1 straight line like this.

    Then take 32, and draw 3 straight lines adjacent to 2 straight lines over these lines horizontally. Here is what it should look like.

    Now you have to mark the intersection points of the lines. That makes it look like this.

    See i have intentionally marked the points with different colors. First count the number of points in red. That is 6

    Now Count the number of points in blue. That is 7

    Not the yellow ones. That is 2.

    So the answer becomes 672.

    21 x 32 = 672.

    I really like this trick so I thought that I should share this.

    There are more tricks like this one on the Doubtnut app. You can go and see those there.

  • Here are some of the best Vedic math tricks that i know :

    1- Finding the square of a no.

    Let the no. be for ex- 23 and you have to find its square.
    you have to do this
    23 (add unit place digits)
    =26 (multiply the remaining digits.)
    Now comes the tricky part. you have to square the units place and put it to the right of the above no.

    Ans= 529

    Lets take another ex '67'
    then add square of 7 to the right. (by right i mean by shifting it only by one position from the usual position )

    this can be used for any no. but i use it only for 2-digits and 3-digits no.

    2- Multiplying any 2 digit no. with 11:-

    For ex 34*11 = ?

    Ans= 3(3+4)4 = 374

    You just have to add the two digits and squeeze it in between them.

    For ex 74*11 = 7(7+4)4
    =7(11)4 (Carry forward 1)

    3- Multiplying any 2 digit no. with another 2-digit no. -

    For ex 51*32 = ?

    STEP-1- Multiply the first digits of both the no. to get the first digits of the answer i.e. 5*3=15

    STEP-2- (Multiply the left digit to the right most digit {extremes})+ (Multiply Middle digits) to get middle part of your answer i.e 52+13 = 13

    STEP-3- Multiply last digits of these no. to get the final digit of the answer i.e. 1*2=2

    STEP-4- Handle these answers to give final answer

    so the answer will be
    15(13)2 (Carry forward 1)

    For ex 81*23=?
    16(26)3 (Carry forward 2)
    Ans = 1863

    You just need to memorize the pattern
    big ex- 92*34=?
    Ans- 3128

    4- Multiplying 2 nos. following these conditions:- (I avoid this due to to many conditions but it has its charm)


    1- Nos. should be in same range i.e. in same 10s &
    2-units digit should add 10
    Too many condition ehh 😉 but see how easy it is...

    For ex 37*33=? (they are in same tens duh 😉 & 7+3=10)

    STEP 1- Multiply Tens digit with the no. that comes next in counting
    i.e. 34= 12
    STEP 2- Multiply rest digits and simply join the 2 answers
    i.e. 7

    For ex- 56*54 ( 6+4=10)

    For ex- 21*29
    Ans= 609 (Put 09 instead of 9)

    Big ex- 112118 (2+8=10)
    12) and 16 (use trick 2) 13216

    I hope this helped.

    All the best !!!

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