How do I improve my maths for JEE ?

  • How do I improve my maths for JEE ?

  • Good books:

    • NCERT
    • Arihant and Cengage Publications
    • KC Sinha
    • ML Khanna

    All these books have to be solved so that you can have enough amount of practice. Your base is made clear with the NCERT and the other books are good question banks for your practice. So solve each of these books once.

    So to improve your math, here is a strategy:

    • The first step is to Build your concepts: You cannot proceed without completing this step. You need to be thorough with all the concepts and have a strong base. If your concepts are clear you can proceed to solving difficult questions as well.

    • Second step is the practice strategy: You need to have a good practice strategy. You need to solve the books in a way that they give you maximum amount of practice. Practice is the key in math. So do not miss on that. Solve the previous year papers of any engineering competitive exam that you might need to.

    • The third step is the revision strategy: Solve the important marked questions that you feel were difficult or you expect them to be asked in the exam. This will give you a good idea of the paper and a lot of confidence

    • The fourth step is Test series: Solve as many mock test papers as you can. They are great if you are practicing for the JEE mains. You can get a lot of different types of questions. Remember to analyze your mistakes after each paper.

    I think this should be enough for your math.

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