Is I E Irodov usefull for IIT preparation?

  • Is I E Irodov usefull for IIT preparation?

  • Well dude,

    Yes, Irodov is definitely useful for JEE Advanced if you are aiming for a top rank. The questions in this book are fantastic and some of them are completely beautiful. The best part about the book is that the answers are given in both variable and numeric forms.

    But, it does not mean that you should jump to Irodov straight away. Irodov should be done as a last step of preparation, after thoroughly completing notes, HC Verma, coaching module/any other book. Irodov is not meant to be a book for the beginners.

    Now, coming to its usefulness in IITJEE preparation. Yes, Irodov is highly recommend for cracking Jee. Many questions set in test series of big coaching institutes (like AITS of FIITJEE) are inspired from Irodov. Even Iitjee itself has copied few questions directly from Irodov.

    It will help to make your approach to solving problems better , when you come across a good question, now you can get its approach of solving easily because you have done this type of questions before .

    You can do it, but before remember to do H.C. Verma, and conceptual questions.

    If you have any query during solving I E. IRODOVE you could see video lecture mentioned below.

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