How should I plan to study for IIT JEE ?

  • How should I plan to study for IIT JEE ?

  • IIT JEE is one of the most difficult exam s in our country. You need a good study plan to be able to clear this exam. Do not study something which has not been recommended by someone. There are a lot of things available in market out of which only a few are good for your practice. Here is a study plan which i recommend. I hope it will help you.

    • Start with you NCERT books: Your NCERT books are great for building a strong base. You need good conceptual knowledge to be start able to study for reaching the IIT JEE level. So always start by building yourself a great base.

    • Concepts of physics: In my opinion, the concepts of NCERT books are not enough for your physics. So go for another book because that will give you some clarity. Try the Resnick Halliday book. It’s great for your conceptual knowledge and will add up to your base of physics.

    • Question banks: Once you base has been built, It’s time to start construction over it. So start solving question banks for each book. For math, solve the RD Sharma book, the Arihant and Cengage Publications. The solutions for all these books are available online on the Doubtnut app. Try it. It will help you a lot.

    • Previous year papers: After you have solved the question banks, you are at the IIT JEE level and all you need to do is start putting yourself to test. So start by solving the previous year papers. You do not need the monitor the time in those, all you need to do is solve all the questions in those papers and that should be it.

    • Mock test papers: Now all you need to do is solve mock test papers and practice as much as you can. You need to solve the papers, test your speed and knowledge.

    • Analyze your mistakes: Once you solve any paper, Try to analyze where you went wrong and what all mistakes did you make. You do not want to repeat those in the exam.

    I think that’s it. This should be your study plan.

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