What did you do before a day before JEE advanced?

  • What did you do before a day before JEE advanced?

  • Just don't touch your books.Enjoy your day with full pleasure.Because if you study a day before JEE it will create a lot of pressure.

    You have studied for 2 goddamn years.If you think you can do something a day before JEE you're mistaken.If you've done enough preparation you don't need to study.

    Here are few tips and traps given by experts that will quicken your execution in JEE Main 2017. Exhorts that may have been renovated beneath:

    • Stay missing from new points amid the last minute planning.

    • Do practice and get enjoyed some profound and physical exercises. This will help in keeping your psyche and body fit.

    • Take longer breaks while examining. Do whatever you like doing amid your spare time.

    • Watch films or read your most loved book before going to bed.

    • Take appropriate and sound rest for no less than 8 hours. This will help you in awakening new and lively.

    • Eat legitimate eating routine and have heaps of nuts and organic products.

    • Try not to do substantial amendment. Basically skim and look over the recipes, vital hypotheses and ideas.

    • Converse with your companions about your future yearnings and examine about the universities you would need to select in. This will keep you spurred to perform well.

    • Make use of objective approach like dimensional analysis etc to solve questions..

    And remember:

    • Don’t get stuck in any question in the first 1 hour.

    • First 1 hour is to maintain flow. So see that you have a good flow. Just do random questions which you are confident about. Don’t do it line wise manner in the starting.

    • Always be confident. Don’t think at any time that things are not working.. Think that I am the best.. And I can do it ,,

    • A good candidate is always in this sense “ Arre yaar kya hoga”. So be relaxed with this thought. Everyone gets this thought. The one who realizes that everyone is feeling the same is at peace.

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