How should I study for the JEE Advanced 10 days before the exam ?

  • How should I study for the JEE Advanced 10 days before the exam ?

  • There is not much you can do in 10 days before the JEE Advanced. If you have prepared well before hand, then surely a good revision plan should definitely benefit you a lot. I prepared for one complete year and here’s what i did in the final days of preparation.

    • Revise your mistakes: It’s best if you can revise your mistakes once before you give your exam. You might have made mistakes in your mock tests and your coaching test series, which you do not want to make again in the final exam. So it’s best if you can see what were the mistakes in the exam.

    • Clear your question doubts: There are always some questions which you leave specially in math which you think are too difficult or you just leave them out of clumsiness. So watch out for those questions. They are bound to be asked in the exam. Try to clear those questions. You can post your doubts in any question on the Doubtnut website. You just have to take a snap of the question and upload it. You will receive a video solution of the question.

    • Revise your NCERT books: It’s best if you revise your concepts once again before appearing for the Advanced exam. This will help you solve questions which you have not faced in the yet. You can at least try to solve it through some logic if you remember your concepts.

    I think that should be your strategy in the final days. I hope it helps.

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