Which is the best book for chemistry for NEET?

  • Which is the best book for chemistry for NEET?

  • NEET EXAM has mainly 3 sections Physics,Biology,Chemistry. Chemistry is divided into 3 section: Inorganic, Organic, Physical. All section have different weightage. Here the table mentioned below for different chemistry sections with their distribution:


    Firstly you refer NCERT Books of class 11 and 12. It clear all the basic concepts of every topic. Most of the questions asked from NCERT Books. Learn all the chemical reaction from NCERT Book. Solve all the exercise based question of Chemistry TextBook.

    A detailed analysis of Chemistry question pattern is given below


    The chemistry books that you can read for preparation of NEET are:-









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  • The most importamt chemistry book for preparing for NEET would be NCERT. For Physical and Organic chemistry, NCERT covers most of the theory part.

    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY - K S Verma and O P Tandon can be referred for Physical chemistry. The theory in K S Verma is really helpful and the book already comes with solutions in it.

    ORGANIC CHEMISTRY- NCERT is sufficient for the theory part of Organic chemistry. Although for solving problems Himanshu Pandey and M S Chauhanare good options . K S Verma and O P Tandon are easier alternates for the aforementioned books. All the books but O P Tandon come with solutions it. Although Himanshu Pandey and M S Chauhan have more tough and quality questions, K S Verma has more number of questions which cover all short concepts of organic chemistry.

    INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - For the theory part of inorganic chemistry, NCERT would suffice. NCERT FINGERTIPS is another books which is very important for NEET . It covers small and important concepts of inorganic chemistry as well as organic chemistry.

    For further reference the following books will be helpful-

    • Morrison and Boyd for Organic chemistry

    • Concise Inorganic chemistry by J.D. Lee

    • Objective Chemistry (Set of 3 Vols) (S. Dinesh & Co.)

    • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class 11 & 12

    • Arihant Organic Chemistry

    • Dinesh Chemistry Inorganic

    • Also practice a lot of MCQ questions and previous year question papers thoroughly.

    Hope this helped.

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