What is sec 370 in J K?

  • What is sec 370 in J K?

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    Article 370 was a result of Kashmir’s accession to India after the Independence. Article 370 of the Constitution is a ‘temporary provision’ that promises to grant autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir and confines Parliament’s powers to make laws for the restive state. It was drafted under Amendment of the Constitution section, Part XXI, Temporary and Transitional Provisions.

    Article 370 deals with exclusive and special powers conferred upon the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Article 370 confines Parliament’s powers to make laws to those matters in the Union and Concurrent Lists, in consultation with the state government, as declared by the President, which should correspond with subjects specified under of Instrument of Accession, the constitutional provision says.Parliament needs the Jammu & Kashmir government’s approval for making and applying laws in the state — except in matters of defence, foreign affairs, finance and communications.

    It is important to note that Article 370(1) mentions that Article 1 of the Indian Constitution applies to Kashmir through Article 370. Article 1 enlists the states of the Indian Union. It implies that it is Article 370 that binds the state of Jammu & Kashmir to the Union of India. Article 370 has gone through many changes since its inception in 1947. With Article 370 in effect, the central government has no power to impose financial emergency in the state. Emergency can be imposed only in the case of internal disturbances and foreign aggression.


  • Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was intended to give temporary special autonomous status to the then princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. Contrarily, it did not give any benefit to the common masses of J&K, rather has been misused to enjoy a special autonomous status by the politicians and the supporters of the terrorist groups of the state at the cost of the people of Kashmir. Not only that the pro Pakistani supporters of some terrorist groups also enjoyed special security for themselves at the cost of Rs.11 Crores per year, which has now been withdrawn after yesterday’s massacre of 40 security personnel by a terrorist group.

    The irony is, the temporary status is still continuing even after elapse of 69 years of the enforcement of the Constitution of India in 1950.

    Although J&K is considered as an integral part of India, but in fact, the controversial Article 370 has proved to be a source of destruction of the federal structure of India on one hand and the cause of immense trauma and tyranny for the people of Kashmir as well as our security forces.

    The article was introduced at the behest of Sheikh Abdulla of Kashmir as against the refusal by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the then Law Minister, who was assigned with the job of drafting of the Constitution.

    Anyway, as everyone is experiencing, No. of tragedies of the Kashmir people and the security forces are associated more due to this devastating article, rather than extending any benefit to the people of Kashmir.

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