What are the revision methods for preparing for the JEE Advanced in 45 days?

  • What are the revision methods for preparing for the JEE Advanced in 45 days?

  • If you have prepared well, it’s easy to revise for the JEE Advanced in 45 days. It’s a lot of time and all you need is just a little concentration and peace of mind. I will tell how I revised for the exam. You can go for the strategy you think is correct.

    • Revise your mistakes. When you are practicing for the exam, solving mock test papers, there are many questions that you made mistakes in. So it’s best to revise those questions again .You do no want to make the same mistake in the exam. You do not want to lose marks over something you have already done right?

    • Revise the shortcuts and tricks which you made or were taught at the coaching classes. When it comes to JEE questions, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind. Tricks just make it easier. So try to know some tricks and then revise them.

    • Revise all the formulas which are there in all three subjects for both years. Trust me this will help you a lot. Going through all the formulas in final days will give you a sense of confidence and you will know what is your strong point too.

    • Now you are left with just 25 days. Go for the super 60 questions on the Doubtnut platform. There are questions which are expected to come in the next JEE exam. I think you should definitely see them once.

    • Finally go for your NCERT books. You need to refresh your base once before you can actually give your exam. You need to be confident that you will solve the questions which are unknown to you. Having a good base will help you to do that and NCERT books are good for that.

    I hope all this helps.

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