Why should I not complain in life?

  • Why should I not complain in life?

  • Well,dude i am going to tell u a real based story that will inspired you to do something big in life .

    There was a kid, Who was born in a poor family with an income of less than 20k per annum.

    • The kid was born blind.

    • One day when he was with his father on the farm, trying to help his father in farming. Some incident happened that incident realized his father the kid is not born for farming, so he decided to educate the kid.

    • Educating blind kid is not easy in a village where there is no school, the kid got admitted nearby village school.

    • The kid was just treated as no one in school until in standard 10th he scored more than 90%.

    • Then the kid decided to take science in 12th but there was not a proper arrangement. Everyone said a blind can only take arts, the kid sued the state government for this. The government then said he can take science at his own risks. Everyone thought what will blind kid will do in just a few months. But he worked hard and scored 97% in 12th.

    • He wanted to join IIT But he couldn’t get the hall ticket because IIT had sent him a letter that A blind kid cannot join IIT. Then he said If IIT doesn’t need him, then he also not needs IIT.

    • He applied for US-based colleges and get offered by Top institution like MIT.

    • Graduated from there and started a company with 100+ differently abled.
      The company is worth almost 6–10 million dollars.


    This was the story of brilliant Srikanth Bolla, Who had taught me “If you can dream it, You can do it.” and He taught me and everyone to not complain in life.

    Hope u liked .

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