What can be the strategy to crack the IIT JEE in a drop year who has never prepared for such an exam before?

  • What can be the strategy to crack the IIT JEE in a drop year who has never prepared for such an exam before?

  • First of all, it can be done. I did it too. I was an average student and prepared for the JEE level exams in just a drop year. If I can do it, anyone can. I will be telling you what all I did, and following the same strategy, you should be able to do it as well.

    • NCERT books: I jsut score 84% and i thought that I did not need to study NCERT. My teachers though otherwise and they made me read it. I took a whole month to first finish up all my NCERT book and that’s what made up a strong base for me. So whenever asks me something regarding the preparation, i first recommend them to go through there NCERT books.

    • Choose the correct question bank: I don’t know if the books i solved were the best or not, but i thought they were good enough because at the end i did clear the exam. For physics i first read the Resnick Halliday. It formed a pretty strong base for me. Then i solved the HC Verma problems and the DC Pandey problems. They gave me a huge question bank which covered so many types of questions. Then i went for the Arihant and Cengage Publication problems for my Math preparation. They too were great. There is a complete solution of the Cengage book on the Doubtnut platform. So if you have any problem in any question, go for it.

    • Chemistry practice: Once everything is done, go for the chemistry practice. Chemistry is going to give you a big boost in your score. You need to have some practice book which gives you advanced level JEE questions. The more you will practice the chemistry questions, the higher your score will be. But remember not to give it much time and be stuck on it. Little preparation is enough to score a 100 in chemistry.

    • Previous year papers: After everything was done, I did prefer to go for the previous year papers. They gave a lot of confidence and a large domain of questions get cover too. Most importantly if I solved any question in the previous year paper, it gave me a sense that i can do it. There are online previous year papers solutions at Doubtnut. In case you need help. You can get it there.

    • Mock tests: Now if you want to increase you rank, i think mock tests are the way to do that. They will give you some practice and show you your current level. Where you stand right now and how much more work you need to put in. So mock tests are going to be your priority if you are looking ti clear the exam with a good rank.

    I did all this and I was able to clear the exam. I think you can do that too. All the best.

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