How do I understand JEE maths properly

  • When it comes to maths, you need a lot of practice and practicing with a plan is going to help a lot. Lets start with the basic.

    First solve the complete NCERT and if possible, try to Solve RD Sharma side by side. This will give a boost to your basics and make you feel at ease with the topic.
    Once NCERT and RD Sharma is done for those topics, Try to go a little difficult and solve books like RD Sharma objectives and SK Goyal. This will cover a lot of new type of questions and you will feel at ease with the concept. Tackling difficult questions becomes easy.
    The last thing to do is to clear away all your doubts. That can be done by a teachers Help, or you can simply upload the doubt on the doubtnut app and view the solution for a 10,00,000 solved questions. If that’s not feasible, try the question on Quora, you will receive an answer.
    This might help you in maths.

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