What should I do if I am weak in JEE Mains physics

  • See if you are weak at a certain subject, the least you can do is work harder in that very subject so that you can score a certain minimum marks right? So now the question is what should be your approach. In my opinion, start by analyzing the marks carried by each topic and how many days you need to prepare.

    Semi conductors and communication systems - 8 marks - 2 days
    Error measurement - 4 marks - 1 day
    current electricity and alternating currents - 12 marks - 4 days
    Wave optics and Modern physics - 12 marks - 10 days
    Thermodynamics and KTG - 8 marks - 5 days
    calorimetry and thermal expansion - 4 marks -2 days
    shm - 4 marks - 2 days
    kinematics - 4 marks- 4 days
    NLM + WPE - 8 marks - 4 days
    sound waves - 4 marks - 3 days
    capacitor - 4 marks - 4 days
    These are most important topics and the number of days it will take you to prepare for each topic. This will definitely ensure some marks in physics. Start by these topics and cover the others too. A deep understanding is definitely required. For any queries refer the doubtnut youtube channel and app.

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