How do I improve my maths for JEE

  • Start by clearing your concepts. If you are clear with your concepts, solving a question becomes easy. Then comes practice.

    First thing is to study the NCERT thoroughly. It will clear your basic questions and most of the variations.

    The second thing is to increase the level of difficulty of the questions and that can be done by referring to various books like RD Sharma objectives or any other recommended books. The important thing is to know all the types of the questions that you might face in the exam.

    Once that is done, the only thing left is to clear out the doubts that you might have while solving difficult questions. To tackle that, you can reach out to your teachers or mentors or if nothing seems to work, you always have the option to use the internet. There are many apps that can solve your problem. Doubtnut is my personal recommendation as i have used it quite often. It has over 10,00,000 solved questions on maths, but you should use whatever you feel might help. The main thing is to clear the doubt.

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