Is the cutoff for the BITSAT in 2019 going to be higher than last year?

  • Is the cutoff for the BITSAT in 2019 going to be higher than last year?

  • I don’t know about the rise, but i think the cut off might just drop this year, and that’s not something i am assuming. There are a lot of factors that indicate for this to happen.

    Increase in fees: This has been a major issue in BITS. They increase the fees regularly and as a result there are students who cannot afford that and are forced to choose some other college even after clearing the exam. So less number of students can mean a lower cut off.
    Increase in seats at NITs: Well there are going to be students who prefer a government college over BITS but cannot get in because of a bad rank. But with the increase in the number of seats in NIT, there is a chance that students will get less attracted to BITS.
    Increase in seats at BITS: Well I am not sure that seats will increase this year, but as i have heard, they are going to increase in any one of the campuses and if that happens, then dead sure, the cut off will decrease.
    Previous year trends: Now if you have followed the previous 3 year cut offs, you will notice that the cut off has decreased, and if the trend follows, it should decrease this year too.
    If all these factors apply, there should be a decrease in cut off by a tleast 5 marks. I hope it helps. All the best.

    You can watch this video for an expert opinion.

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