How can I score more than 95% marks in class 12th board exams?

  • How can I score more than 95% marks in class 12th board exams?

  • It's not very hard to score that much nowadays because of availability of good academic resources online like the Doubtnut app which will provide you with solutions to all NCERT questions and solve any other doubt that you have within seconds. So to score 95% you have to plan and then stick to that plan very strictly especially for last two months I.e. jan and Feb

    Now I will share my strategy which I followed –

    1. Firstly recognize the need of time. Each and every month is important

    2. For maths start with Ncert. Firstly do one chapter from ncert and then do the same chapter from Rd Sharma. In this way you will be able to complete both books at same time

    • Now while solving Rd Sharma mark questions which You feel very hard or which are repeatedly asked in papers

    • Practice is the only key for math. Practice for 2 hrs daily

    3. For chemistry stick to Ncert only. I repeat only ncert need to be FOLLOWED

    • DO practice all the question in ncert whether they are intext, solved or unsolved

    • Except this nothing is required

    4. For Physics starts with preparing notes from each chapter (from my perception follow SL Arora)

    • Then solve numericals from sl arora topic wise (only previous year board questions)

    • Also solve board question from sl arora which are given at last of each chapter (very short+ short+hots etc.)

    • Also do ncert question (all solved and ask your teacher for important question from unsolved questions)

    • Do learn all the definition and practice derivation daily . I repeat daily

    • So study 1 hour daily

    5. For english follow Ncert only

    • Do practice writing portion daily

    • Practice to write at fast speed .I repeat this . As it is very difficult to complete exam on time.

    Now you have to complete this up to december. Then your time starts for revision. For this do arihant previous year paper of PCM in jan only.

    Then revise everything in February.

    Go to examination hall stress free and with full zeal. This strategy will surely help you score more than 95%.

    But be sincere and discipline throughout the year . Otherwise everything will be in vain.

    Hope this helps

    All the best !!!

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