What rank can I expect with a score of 118 in the JEE Advanced?

  • What rank can I expect with a score of 118 in the JEE Advanced?

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    First of all, congratulations for cracking JEE Mains which also was not so much easy task for all. Now when you are expecting such score of 118 marks in JEE Advanced 2019, then I am just hoping you are not from general category student as it will be very easy for the other category students except general category to qualify blindly for JEE Advanced 2019 at such score of 118 marks. But if you are from general category student, then you can ( I haven’t used will) qualify in the first round. But in the 2nd round, nothing gonna stop you from getting qualified in JEE Advanced 2019. I think you should check the most predicted cutoffs that could be followed this year for JEE Advanced 2019. One good news is that considering the difficulty of the exam this year, cutoffs will surely gonna drop a little in comparison to the last year cutoffs.



    1st CUTOFF: 118–120

    2nd CUTOFF:80–83


    1st CUTOFF: 106

    2nd CUTOFF: 74–75


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41

    So, not discussing much cutoffs lets jump to your most expected rank. So, in my opinion, after analyzing previous years’ trends, your most probable rank could be around 11k - 12k. My friend, you should not get upset after seeing this as real results may vary.

    Just stay happy 🙂

    You can also watch the attached videos regarding JEE Advanced 2019 by Doubtnut:-

    I hope you liked my answer 🙂

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