How do I get motivated for the NEET 2020?

  • How do I get motivated for the NEET 2020?

  • "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

    Hello Friend!

    If you are looking for some of the best motivational quotes for NEET aspirants, then I have something for you 😉

    Let’s see some of the ways you can stay motivated to crack the NEET exam.

    1. Power of self-motivation in NEET preparation

    A Amrith Rangan (IIT Madras) said this, “Self-motivation is very important. You will have to realize the value of what you’re doing, you will have to be very ambitious.”

    Your competition is not with other aspirants (in reality they are, but should not be in your mind). You have to surpass your own performance in tests. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident. Work hard (smart) toward your goal.

    2. When you improve yourself, motivation follows

    In your monthly or practice tests, always set a target that how many marks you should get in it. But, don’t set big targets that are not achievable. You will improve with each test.

    Analyze your test. Make a note of the silly mistakes you are doing. Your objective is not to repeat the same mistakes in the next exam. By this process, you will have a strong grip and understanding of all concepts and the way of solving problems.

    3. Build interest in subjects

    One important thing for good NEET preparation is your interest in subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If you love solving problems, understanding concepts, you will want to focus on studies as much as possible, keeping all distractions away. Be consistent with your study time.

    4. Remember your goals

    Write them down (use sticky notes) and paste above your study table or any other place where you can see them regularly. It can be like “I want to crack NEET with very good rank and will study in top medical college.”

    Why are you doing this?

    Write the answer to the above question and continue to remind yourself about it.

    5. Take inspiration from NEET success stories

    Read the story of Kriti Agarwal who cleared NEET in the 3rd attempt and achieved her dream to become a doctor.

    “Be consistent, don’t give up. It is not easy to crack the exam but it's not impossible. A lot of factors contribute to studies, keep yourself motivated and work hard for your dreams because this is a race, there are always people out there to take your place.”

    6. Talk to your parents and teachers whenever you feel demotivated

    They should be your go-to people for motivation. Parents love and understand you best. Good teachers are always available to guide and motivate you in the right direction. You just need to talk to them. So whenever you feel low on confidence and need some motivation in NEET preparation, speak to your parents or teacher.

    Finally, don’t think about the result for now. Focus on the effort.

    Nothing feels better than trying your best. Nothing.

    When it gets tough, turn around and look how far you’ve already come. This is the best motivation.

    All the best!

    I hope my efforts will help you 🙂

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