Where can I find the solutions for Technothlon?

  • Where can I find the solutions for Technothlon?

  • Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon began in 2004 in a small room with an aim to "Inspire Young Minds".

    Starting on their journey with a participation of 200 students confined to the city of Guwahati, over the past 14 years they have expanded their reach to over 400 cities all over India and various centers abroad. The championship is organized over 2 rounds:

    1. Prelims: a written preliminary examination which takes place in numerous schools all over India in the month of July
    2. Mains: an event based competition which is conducted at IIT Guwahati, among the top 100 students from each squad.

    There is no such minimum marks trend that is being followed in Technothlon, as they ask quality questions, which has to be solved in a limited time frame. So the cutoff may vary each year according to the number of student they have to qualify for the next round.

    This year, Technothlon is presented to you by DOUBTNUT.
    You can watch the following video for any further help:)

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