How is IIT Guwahati?

  • How is IIT Guwahati?

  • There are two things here. One is IIT Guwahati and the other is Civil department. Let us look into both.

    IIT Guwahati is one of the premier institutes of the country, known mostly for the mesmerising campus. What you get here is a wonderful atmosphere, an environment that can be moulded according to your desires. Whilst on one side, you can be a die-hard academic, and lose yourself in the plethora of books we have in the wonderful library of ours, or you can also develop other abilities of yours, with our mildly active clubs-robotics, coding, or any technical or cultural clubs. In terms of academics, the institute has changed quite a bit in my years here. It has grown strict and unforgiving, which can work wonderfully as it keeps you on a leash, but at the same time, restricts your freedom. Studies depend mostly on you, the professors will deliver their lectures and go on. To develop yourself is your responsibility. Overall, my experience here has been worth a lifetime, life is enjoyable and I believe I could explore all avenues I wanted to. Academically too, I have not done too badly. So yeah, IIT Guwahati is a great place to spend the 4 years of your undergraduate years in. However, my branch is Design, which brings us to the next part.

    The civil department. All I can provide you with in that respect is an outsider's view. To say that placements in core companies is difficult would be an understatement. Students take it up without giving the branch a proper thought. All most people desire her, after 4 years is a well-to-do job, which most fail to secure. However, there are those select few who are actually into the branch and go for higher studies. They are happy, the rest are sadly not. Also, I have seen a whole lot of students of the department, performing well in other fields, coding, analytics, etc. So all is not lost.

    Now what should you do? My view is IIT Guwahati is a great place, but the branch is what will stay with you for all of your life, not the place. So give proper thought to it, think about what you will have to study in this particular branch, and analyse if you are actually interested in it. Trust me, interests,if not strong enough, fade away very quickly here. All in all, IIT Guwahati in itself is brilliantly mesmerising, the beauty, the weather.. but again, think of the branch, not the campus or the institute!

    Follow your desires, or engineering will frustrate you!

    Best of luck!!!

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