Which stream offers the best package in IIT Delhi?

  • Which stream offers the best package in IIT Delhi?

  • IIT Delhi is one of the best institutes in the country, ranked 1st consecutively for 3 years by Outlook which is one of the prestigious ranking magazines in India. Students are offered very good packages here.

    The highest package is usually offered to the CS students.

    In IIT DELHI, the highest package of 1.4 crore by MICROSOFT has been offered till date. For CS, average package is around 15 lakh per year. Some studs at CS get crores of package from US companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter.For the rest of the departments, it is around 7 lakh per year average. Some studs from these departments go into consulting and get above average package. Nowadays some students take a corporate job for 1–2 years, save up some money and prepare for civil services.and more people get connected to the Internet.

    For IIT Delhi phase-I placements 2018, over 350 companies registered on the training and placement portal of the institute offering jobs in about 550 different profiles. Over 150 companies are expected to participate in phase-II of IIT Delhi placements 2018. Almost 99 percent from brances like CSE and ECE get placed every year.

    The following figure shows the statistics of the type of company offering placements in IIT DELHI:


    The following figure shows the list of regular visitors to IIT DELHI during placement season:


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