Is NIT Allahabad good for EE branch?

  • Is NIT Allahabad good for EE branch?

  • Here are my thoughts on NIT Allahabad EE branch:

    • As compared to other colleges (excluding IITs), the Electrical department here is good( I remind, I said “relative to other colleges excluding IITs”).

    • Coming to the academics and course curriculum. Electrical engineering is “the toughest “ branch of engineering, as it's so deep into concepts, which are hard to visualise and grasp. Its because you don't see anything (the rotating mmfs, the induced emfs etc) unlike in other branches like mechanical or civil engineering.

    • The Electrical lab, which is a necessity to learn the branch properly is decent over here. (In most of the colleges it's absent, leading to students doing only electronics practicals on breadboards and observing waveforms on CRO).

    • Although the above point doesn't guarantee that you'll understand electrical machines inside out. In most of the cases the lab guy just tells you how to do the practical and how and when to take the readings. Almost all the dots remain as an exercise for you to connect.

    • Coming to Faculties. The Electrical department is ill known for its whims since ages. I reckon things wouldn't have changed much even now.

    • During my time, there were two outstanding Faculties whose sole purpose was to spread the beautiful knowledge of the branch to young students, namely retd. Prof. Satya Sheel (Power systems) and Prof. R. K. Triparthi (Power Electronics). Prof Sheel in particular was so full of vigour and energy that nobody would say he was a sixty year old man. I deeply respect these two personalities I had the opportunity to study under.

    • Coming to the ugly truth. The placement. Its not 100 percent anymore. No more PSUs hiring in bulk . People(almost 50 percent) mostly resort to software/consulting jobs as core electrical jobs are limited.

    • Coming to another irony. The nature of Electrical jobs in India and lack of quality in higher studies related to the branch . In most electrical jobs, work conditions are quite rugged and makes you crave for bare minimum comfort. And most important of all, the pay package is nowhere close to the guys working in IT sector. Initial salary would be invariably low.

    • I personally feel it doesn't do one a lot of justice if the toughest branch of engineering leads to such further struggles in life.

    If at all you're really into Electrical Engineering from MNNIT Allahabad, my advice would be:

    • Learn the subjects keeping basic concepts clear. Don't indulge into the rat race of mugging and puking and scoring pointers.

    • Don't settle for a job after your college(provided you don't have any financial constraints). Go abroad for higher studies if you can afford it. You'll get to learn the real Electrical Engineering there.

    • If above point doesn't get fulfilled, keep your expectations low. Don't expect am 8lpa package waiting for you as soon as you graduate. You'll have a decent life to begin with, but definitely not a lavish one.

    • If you're a hard worker, hunt for private sector Electrical giant companies instead of the government sector. You'll grow rapidly there.

    • Last but not the least, if you're stuck over here. Meaning you aren't much interested in the branch, you don't hate it, but also aren't in love with it, it's a personal advice to find what you shall be doing with your career if not electrical engineering.

    There are plethora of opportunities in new growing India.

    Identify your talents and find out a way to convert it into pay cheques. Its very much possible nowadays.

    Start early.

    All the best!

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