Was JEE Advanced 2019 Maths section harder than 2018?

  • Was JEE Advanced 2019 Maths section harder than 2018?

  • Well, to be honest, this year IIT Roorkee sets the level of Jee Advanced question paper much tougher as compared to the last year papers. And yes, Jee advanced 2019 was really tough and lengthy. And among all the three sections viz. maths, physics, chemistry, maths was the toughest part to solve.

    This year, the level of maths section was quite difficult and lengthy which required hard and tedious calculations. The maths section this year, tests in-depth knowledge of concepts. In this section, the questions from matrices and differential equations were also asked this year.

    In brief, the JEE Advanced 2019 Maths section was found to be really tricky and calculative as compared to JEE Advanced 2018 maths which was comparatively easier.

    If you still want to check the detailed analysis of JEE Advanced 2019, check the video by doubtnut attached:-
    I hope you got your answer.

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