What are the tips and tricks to master organic chemistry for the JEE since there are a lot of facts to memorize?

  • What are the tips and tricks to master organic chemistry for the JEE since there are a lot of facts to memorize?

  • Here are some tips to help you understand and improve your score in organic chemistry IIT JEE Exam:

    • If you want a good score in organic chemistry in IIT JEE then you have to focus on equations.

    • Don't skip any reaction mentioned in NCERT text book and go through the mechanism of the reactions mentioned in NCERT text book..... although direct question on mechanism will not be there but it will help you to remember the reactions....and also to crack some tricky questions

    • Pay more attention to basic concepts, first understand general organic chemistry well , then proceed to reactions part .

    • Basic concepts like acidic basic strength are very important to understand the mechanism .

    • Don't neglect last three chapters of 12 NCERT text book ( 2nd part) direct 2-3 question will be there.

    • organic needs sincerity read at least one reaction / concept daily.

    • Solve many questions ( avoid solving questions based on reactions not in NCERT).

    • Solve / Work more on conceptual questions .

    • Just don't have any doubt on basics.

    • Many times question asked in IIT JEE is just a repetition from previous year questions. Solve all the previous year questions honestly, from that you will get to know the depth and level of questions.

    • For solving purpose refer himanshu pandey's book and for understanding Paula bruce's book.

    Here are some more tips to help you score better marks in JEE Mains Chemistry:

    • You have to know your strengths from Inorganic, Physical or Organic and give you focus on the ones in which you are weak.

    • You have to use relevant study material and remember quality is better than quantity. You have to study the whole NCERT book and then move on to some reference books like OP Tandon and KS Verma.

    • You have to devote at least 2 hours to chemistry daily.

    • You have to focus more on chapters like equilibrium, chemical kinetics, thermo, atomic structure, etc.

    • In Organic chemistry Mechanism of a reaction is very important. So you have to study all the reactions.

    • You have to read line by line chapters like s,p,d,f block, metallurgy, polymers, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, etc.

    • You have to memorize the formulas of Physical chemistry and keep practising. You need to make a habit of solving 50 objective questions daily.

    • You have to create short notes to revise the theory and formulas before the exam.

    • You have to study Inorganic chemistry repeatedly as most of the questions will come directly from NCERT.

    • After reading and memorizing NCERT you can solve previous year papers which will make you familiar with the exam pattern and also increase your speed and accuracy. This will help you in knowing which topic needs further preparation.

    • Time management is very important if you want to score good marks in IIT JEE. You need to spend the least amount of time to get the maximum marks so that you can use the time you saved on chemistry to solve lengthy questions of maths and physics.

    • You have to stay confident and try to understand the concepts rather than cramming them up.

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